Monday, May 17, 2010

What dreams may come

I've had some trouble allowing myself to believe in my dreams. Heh, who am I kidding...A LOT of trouble. I have doubts and fears. I've been put down a lot by people closest to me...that my dreams are worthless and I should be realistic.

For instance, I love fantasy, I want to write fantasy...but I've had some one tell me that's not what I should be writing. That I should write something else like a mystery or a story based around where I grew up. But that's not me.

I had a tarot card reading yesterday, and she saw in the cards, that I would be writing and successful at it. She also saw me doing well in my herbalism/holistic studies and that I'll have a business with it.

Both of those are part of my dreams for the future, and her seeing them working out may have given me just the little bit of hope I need to hold onto my dreams and believe in them.


Kat said...

Always follow your dreams sweetheart. We may struggle to get there, but it makes success all the greater reward. Believe in yourself as others believe in you. In Love & Light . . Kat :)

Kathryn Magendie said...

Doing diane estrella's "six degrees' experienment! stopping by....

And I agree with Kat - which by the way is what I go by, so Two Kats here telling you to follow your heart and believe in yourself

No one should or can tell you what to write. I know this - I have been through this - I write what is Truth for me - Truth just means that when I'm writing, it feels "right" - there isn't a struggle or a feeling of unease...I am happy, relaxed...sometimes it's still work and it's hard work and discipline, but, it is my Truths -even though I write fiction, it is Truths...