Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Muse Stirs...I think, I hope

I do believe that I sense my Muse stirring. It sort of feels like that long, stretching one does when waking from a peaceful slumber. Though, I don't believe she's been sleeping, more like she's been off on some adventure and failed to include me in her escapades.

You to Kats that replied to my other post are right. I need to follow my heart in my writing. Not worry or care if it's the right genre for right now. Not worry if I have enough of my character(s), plots, settings outlined on paper to where I have more outlines than my WiP has pages. Not worry if I'm doing more telling or showing right now and JUST WRITE. No matter what to just get the story ideas down, things can be edited later to show rather than tell. To add or delete scenes if necessary.

I think it's time to dust off my WiP. Reread through it. And see if I can pick up where I left off. My newer characters that I was thinking of for a new WiP may end up here, or they may not...I don't know. They could work here, but they also seem to have their own story they want to tell.

If I want an immortal Highlander or a Pensive type object in my story I'll put it in. If I need to edit it any way...I'll deal with that later. The main thing I suppose is just to get the words on paper.