Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So just what are my dreams anyway...

Well, that's a good question. My dreams? What are they? I have a lot of them. Some silly, some trivial, some seemingly out of my reach, and some that I just can't let go of.

One dream, that is very important to me is I want to be a Master Herbalist. If you asked old friends and family, they'd probably not even think that was something I'd be interested in. My family might even say it was crazy, I don't know. But it's something I really want to do. I'm taking one course right now, to "get my feet wet" so to speak. I've looked into several courses, and it's so hard to choose. Money being a factor I have to choose carefully and wisely. I also want my certification(s) to come from recognized schools/teachers.

Tie into that, I'd like to be trained in Holistic Healing. I believe the two work hand and hand. I just don't know where I'd get such training. And I don't live near any accredited colleges so right now all my course work would need to be via correspondence schools.

After I have my training, I dream of having an herbal shoppe. Perhaps with a little cafe inside to offer herbal teas and juices, perhaps a light meal of organically grown foods.

Sometimes I feel like I'm dreaming too big, or that I'm too old (I'm 40) to even be attempting to accomplish such things and to be successful at it. But alas, it is my dream. If it will come true...that's another story.

Why here? What's the deal?

Okay, so here's yet another blog. I was layout hunting and came across this one and thought..."WOW! Got to have it!" But, for what blog? As I was pondering that thought, I decide to make yet a new one.

But rather than vent about things here, I want this to be a place where I can post my hopes and dreams. Sort of as a constant reminder to myself that I have them despite the mess my life is in right now.

So here's my dream blog...the things that I might dream about having, wanting, doing. Any progress I might be making on them, etc, etc.